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At Peabud, our work is a reflection of our values.  These values are not simply statements of good intentions but principles that we integrate into everything we do.
Respect for Human Dignity - A basic requirement for human dignity is to live in a community which promotes the ethical treatment of individuals.  This includes the provision of physical safety and economic security.  By building houses and infrastructure and creating jobs, we establish a tangible way for achieving dignity.

Social Responsibility - We are constantly aware that all of our decisions and actions must improve the welfare of people living in impoverished communities.  These actions can create positive social change within the communities and society as a whole.

Sustainability – For development to be sustainable, communities need to create their own housing and employment opportunities.  We empower them with business and technical knowledge that improves the local environment and preserves local resources.   Only in this way can there be real progress and hope for the future.

Transparency - We disclose all project information to stakeholders in a means that they can easily access and clearly understand and to which they can meaningfully respond.  We ensure that individuals who legitimately represent the community’s interest participate in each project.  Without exception, all funds that we receive or distribute are subject to the highest standards of international accounting practices.

South Africa
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