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Peabud is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that works with local communities and international aid organizations to redevelop impoverished urban neighborhoods.
Peabud is separated into three units and each has a distinct area of operations.
Peabud NGO is responsible for all administrative and legal functions including the management of our Partnership Enterprise Assistance (PEA) and Building Urban Development (BUD) programs. This unit also coordinates the development phase of each project. Peabud NGO provides all of its services on a not-for-profit basis.

Peabud Consulting is our project management group responsible for housing and community planning. This group works primarily with construction activities and takes responsibility for design, management and procurement services. Its main task is to implement work under the BUD program.

Peabud Engineering is responsible for engineering and sales activities. This included technical consultation, procurement and installation for local energy, water and waste systems. Peabud Engineering also gives technical assistance for manufacturing and logistics enterprises in the construction industry. Both PEA and BUD projects are managed through this group.

 PEABUD RY | c/o Risto Pönniö, Perttiläntie 31, 04420 JÄRVENPÄÄ, Finland | Tel. +358 40 835 4550