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Mr. Pertti Nieminen is the co-founder of Peabud Ry. and is responsible for project development.  He has spent 25 years in the top management of international construction and manufacturing companies.  This includes serving as President, Vice-President or Managing Director of companies that consult in construction technologies or specialize in mechanization within the construction industry.  He was previously the CTO of Nova Panel Sdn Bhd and Nova System Sdn Bhd and was in charge of building 3500 housing units with full services and 23 public schools in Malaysia.  It was through this experience that he developed and implemented the concept that is the basis for Peabud.  Pertti graduated from the Technical College of Lahti and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture.

To contact Pertti, send an email to pertti.nieminen[at]peabud.org or call +358 400 350 124.

Mr. Risto Pönniö is co-founder of Peabud Ry and in charge of operations and project management.  He has 25 years of professional experience in international business, project and product management, and strategic planning.  He has been the CEO of Finnish SME technology companies targeting global markets and was VP of Business Development responsible for the energy infrastructure contracting business at the Pöyry Group.  As the Project Director for investments at CPS Color Inc, Risto was in charge of production facility investments in North and South America.  He has also been a consultant and technical and economic expert with the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the United Nations Development Programme, particularly in Asia and Africa.  Risto holds a M.Sc. in Engineering from Lappeenranta Technical University and a MBA in International Business from the Helsinki School of Economics.

To contact Risto, send an email to
risto.ponnio[at]peabud.org or call +358 40 835 4550.

Mr. Richard Hogan is the senior advisor for urban planning and architecture.  He is an architect with over 20 year of international experience in commercial and industrial projects.  Most recently, he has worked as a project manager at Pöyry Architects for a wide range of projects in Europe, Russia and China.  He has been a consultant for strategic planning in the real estate industry and has significant experience in housing design and construction.  Richard holds a Bachelor of Architect degree from Andrews University in the United States and a Master or Architecture degree from the Helsinki University of Technology.

In addition to the key people listed above, our board members are as follows:

Board Members for Peabud NGO Ry

Chairman: Richard Hogan, M.Arch
Vice Chairman: Risto Pönniö, M.Sc. MBA
Secretary: Jaakko Tassia, M.Sc
Board Members for Peabud Consulting Oy
Chairman: Risto Pönniö, M.Sc. MBA
Secretary: Jukka Sankamo, LL.M.
Member: Pertti Nieminen, B.Sc.

 PEABUD RY | c/o Risto Pönniö, Perttiläntie 31, 04420 JÄRVENPÄÄ, Finland | Tel. +358 40 835 4550